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Security & Privacy

Our apps are NOT a hosted service and we do not have access to your data. Our apps run on your devices, not on the cloud. You can use our apps without an internet connection.

The only time you need an internet connection is to setup/configure information on your devices (For example: Allocate licenses to your devices or to get new Counting Templates.)
Check out this Security FAQ for more information.

Move licenses within your organization

Get a pool of annual licenses to use on iOS, Android, or Windows devices. The Company Admin can create Users, assign permissions, and move Licenses across Devices.
See more information in the Set up Enterprise Account guide.

Workflow integration

To make things easier for you, CountThings has built-in features to integrate with various external systems such as ERP, Databases, Web services, OPC, etc.

In addition, the CountThings form builder lets you create custom forms that include a variety of inputs types like; user-entered data, bar-code scanned data, automatically entered data, etc.

Tailor-made solutions

When needed, we can customize our off-the-shelf solutions to your specific use cases.
This hybrid approach of combining off-the-shelf solutions with custom software gives you significant value at a lower cost compared to the cost of developing a custom solution from scratch.

Volume Pricing

The price per license goes down as the size of the pool goes up. All the licenses in the Pool have the same expiration date. The price of bundles of additional licenses will be prorated to end on the same date as the pool’s expiration date.

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