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CountThings apps count items from Photos and Videos.

CountThings From Photos app


CountThings From Video app


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How it works

Tap "Take New Photo"
Tap "Count"
Review and Save

Save the results the way you need it

Choose where and how to save the results and the accompanying data.

Get accurate results every time

If you are not getting 100% accuracy, contact us. We will work with you to create Counting Templates that better fit your needs.


CountThings From Photos

Periodic Licenses
per month
per device
per year
per device
24-hour Licenses
1 24-hour License $24
4-Pack 24-hour Licenses $80
10-Pack 24-hour Licenses $150
Each 24-Hour License allows you to count for a 24 hour period from the time it is activated. Each License in a pack can be used on a different device in your account.

Get One-time FREE license for 7 days
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CountThings From Video

per month
per device
per year
per device

Please contact us to assess the applicability of our software for your use case.

Enterprise License

Get multiple licenses at volume pricing to improve your workforce efficiency.


CountThings From Photos
iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)
Android Phones & Tablets
Huawei Phones & Tablets
Samsung Phones & Tablets
Windows PCs & Tablets
64-bit Windows 10 application
Latest Version: 2.0.8607.25743

CountThings From Video

Windows PCs & Tablets
64-bit Windows 10 software
Identify, classify and Count items with computer vision to automatically trigger actions based on the results.

We will work with you to setup a pilot program for your facility.

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Custom features & add-ons

Our R&D Engineering team is available to add custom features to fit your specific needs.