Save the counted results on a Server Message Block (SMB) - Android

Available for:
CountThings from Photos App allows you to save the counting results in an SMB folder that already exists, so it can be accessed by multiple computers on your network, using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.
With an SMB folder, the users can easily share files and folders with others on the same network, making collaboration and file sharing more efficient.
Here is how you can properly configure the settings for your Android device:
1. Go to SettingsSaving and Integration➜ Scroll and go to Cloud Services
2. From Could Services go to Network Shared Folder
3. To configurate the settings for the SMB Folder:
A. Press the Save to Network Shared Folder button
B. Type the Host IP Address
C. Type the assigned Username
D. Type the Username password
E. Write the Name of the shared folder
F. We advise you to Test the Connection before saving your next counting result.
! The network credentials must be created by the IT department of your company.
You are all set up! Now you can return to counting, save the results and find your data in the SMB folder.
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