Save Results in CSV Format

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By following this guide, you will learn how to save your counting results or the additional data from the Forms to a CSV/Excel format
CountThings from Photos Windows App automatically exports a CSV/Excel file of your saved counting results.
You can also set up the app to export additional data from Forms. This feature requires a valid paid license.
To access the automatically generated CSV file
1. Open your photo ➜ CountSave
2. Click on the green Saved button
3. Open the CSV/Excel file
4. This is how your results will look like:
To export additional data from Forms in a CSV/Excel file
1. Before counting from your photos ➜ click Settings
2. Settings Window:
A. From the left side of the Settings window ➜ click CSV / Export
B. Check if your Form is selected – e.g. Copper Products (if you have multiple Forms created, select the one you will be using in the counting process)
C. From Form Settings ➜ check Export to new CSV File (optional)
D. Under Form Items, click Use All (or check the box for each item you want to export in the CSV/Excel File)
E. Click on Save button
3. Open your photo ➜ CountSave
4. Click on the green Saved button
5. Open the second CSV/Excel file – e.g. Copper Products, the name of our Form (because we checked for exporting to a new CSV file)
6. This is how your results will look like:
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You can also request a virtual meeting with our experts to discuss how we can offer you the best counting experience.